How an exam can ruin an entire day!

Let’s start with today’s morning.

It was the last class of my French course at L’espace 24 Trang Tien. Everything about that class was great. I received the finals’ scores, knowing that I passed it to the higher level course. Then I signed up as well as payed fee for the next course. At the end, my classmates and I went to a nearby coffee shop and had a little chitchat instead of a farewell party. We exchanged ideas, talked about everything we could think of. Thanks to that, we got to know more about each other. Sadly, we no longer studied in the same class.

I got home at noon, had lunch. And I decided to relax myself with some karaoke songs on Smule app instead of doing mid-term essay. Things were still going on well.

But not until in the evening, when I took the final exam of the Consecutive Interpreting Course. I fucked up everything. My interpreting speeches were messy. I could not remember a single thing. All the vocabularies in my head just disappeared for no reason. I mean, there was a reason for that – Nervousness. I could have done better.

This failure made me uncomfortable. My classmates did very well in the exam. And I have to face that fact that I might not pass it to get the certificate.

Face it! Everybody fails sometimes. The importance is what you could learn from that and not repeat the same mistake. Try harder!

I will try harder, study harder, practice more!

Believe me and you’ll see…


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