[JUST ANOTHER SHALLOW NOTE] The Power of Networking

Actually, it depends.

For some people, who tend to isolate themselves from the outside world and just want to hide in their own shells. Then networking is of no use.

But for ones like me, who have been confused finding the aim of life, who tend to think too much about other’s opinions. Networking absolutely should be taken into profound consideration.

My story dated back to the time when I was in high school. I was a shy girl. I had never felt like joining in any extra curriculum activities or making new friends. Studying for university was solely my activity throughout those school years. The problem was that I didn’t think much and also my parents didn’t do much about it. Strangely they had the same opinion as mine: Studying should be the one and only thing in a high school student’s mind.

Then I made it to my dream university, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Everything about it changed completely who I was. It was like a whole new world. There were so many new faces and new friends. Especially, they all seemed extremely dynamic.

I realized that I had to fit in.

I signed up for clubs, volunteering projects and met brilliant individuals in every field. At the time, I didn’t know much about networking and just had a simple thought of developing myself through those activities.

Time went by and I gradually realized how I was feeling home when being at school, as surrounded me were mostly my peers, my “sisters” and “brothers”. They always smiled at me when I walked by or gave me a warm hug. We had a good time together hanging out as members of the same club, as companions. We helped each other out, together we dealt with various struggles from study things to private life. I realized I had learnt so much from them. I was powered up.

Now, even when it comes to connections outside the university, networking is powerful. I could easily call a friend for help in any job. They will be there and give me a hand.

And what I love the most is that having many friends also gives me the chance to see clearly my identity. My knowledge has been broadened thanks to critical views of various people I know.

I have gained and grown up.

To wrap up, networking is much more than making friends and getting the help. It would energize you and bring to you plenty of amazing experiences.

Let’s open our hearts and let people in. You’ll see magic



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