New job, new start

It came to me so randomly. Never had I thought I could have a part-time job that would be relevant to my major. Never had I thought I could get the job by my stupid, unprofessional CV. And even when I made it to the test round, I still could not believe my CV worked. The whole thing was a miracle.

After all, I got the job, working as an online translator for a media company. This job is amazing by far. There is no fixed time, no need to go to the office every day. All I have to do is do the translation when I feel like wanting to and then send it before midnight.

Most of the translation is about hairstyles and hair products. Not so satisfied, but ok. At least, it’s relevant to my major, which is linguistics.

Like I said, by far, everything about the job is great. It makes me love myself more. I don’t feel hopeless and useless anymore (just in some extends). Anyways, the job is a perfect start for the year 2016, though obstacles are surely there to come in no time.


2016 please be nice to me, please let things run smoothly. I’ve had enough of crazy stuff of 2015. I’ll try my best to be nice too!

Ok, it’s 12:44 AM now. Sleep is coming…



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