Grammar, Drama

What a long tiring day!

After JUST a couple of hours sleeping, I had to get up and prepare for everything. My cat and her babies, my French class, then Grammar and Listening classes in the afternoon.

I ran through the day with no time to eat breakfast or lunch. All I got was some biscuits that I ate in a hurry. I also didn’t have time to take a cat nap. Everything just rushed in front of me as I had to catch up to survive.

The most tiring thing of the day beside the day itself, was Grammar class. As planned, I and my partner went in front of the class presenting about “Elements of Grammar”. It was just an introduction, a brief look for further details in later chapters. We had been required to read the book ourselves and show what we understand for the whole class.

But DAMN! The teacher was so demanding! She wanted everything. She probably thought that we were excellent students and we knew everything without her teaching. She kept interrupting my speech and criticizing everything coming from my mouth and my powerpoint slides. She harshly repeated the flaws of our presentation from time to time. She claimed that it was our fault to be lazy. That old lady didn’t know anything! I sacrificed my Tet holiday just to read my ass off and prepare for it.

Another thing, why we students have to understand perfectly the lesson while the teacher doesn’t teach at all??? Admittedly, this way of approaching the knowledge is not a bad idea. But that lady should’ve reacted differently. We read the book, we understand the knowledge in our own way. Our way of approaching the information may be wrong. So that’s why the teacher is there to correct it in a natural, gentle way like they always do.

And now she blames us while she didn’t do her job!?!? What the hell is going on???

“Thanks to her”, my day was absolutely crazy and exhausting. URGHHH I just want to get away from this university as soon as possible!


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