A Little Step

“Stop thinking and take action!”

It was what I remembered the most from a talk show, the only talk show I’ve ever joined when I was a freshman because of its tempting tea break.

Well, admittedly, somehow it was quite helpful. Thanks to the speaker, I had first ideas of what recruiters need from a candidate, especially when it comes to the question: What makes you different from other candidates?

This question made me think for a few minutes. And all I could list out was common characters that everyone has. Then I started to feel nervous, realizing how “blurry” I was. I worried about my future.

But wait!

He continued: “Can’t think of any? Then go exploring yourself!”


“Experience! Stop thinking and take action!”

YES! I listened to him and took action. I joined all kinds of activities, projects. However, those activities didn’t help much in the finding. They only brought me friends and some random certificates. That was how my first year ended.

Moving to the second year, my peers had already had jobs, ranging from tutors to waiters, waitresses or sale people. I was left with two bare hands. Therefore, I knew I was going the wrong direction. “Now, it’s not about how active you are, instead, how much money you make!”

Consequently, I filled my schedule with any part-time jobs I could think of. I worked as an English private tutor, a sale person. Everything was pretty much ok. However, I ended up questioning myself about the relevant of those jobs with my major. Still, I got nothing.

So I had to switch my aim of seeking for a job. Again.

Back to the present, I am working as an online translator for a media company and an English content writer for a marketing company at the same time. I know what I need: professional experiences.

Hope I am on the right track. There is nothing certain but I do believe that I am taking small, stable steps towards my future. There might be looming failure but that’s a part of life we need to conquer and grow up.

So, keep moving!


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