Is it always good to release all feelings?

Life is definitely not easy. We cannot always have our feelings controlled all the time. By one way or another, those feelings will soon be released. However, how they should be released depends on each type.

There are positive ones, which will energize the surroundings as we spread it. They are like colorful lights that touch upon every creature and bring them the lively feel. On the other hand, there exist destructive feelings, which will be even more destructive when turning to what so-called “emotions”.

“Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the mind.”

Those negative feelings can damage not only ourselves but also others who get affected. They are bad, toxic and even deadly as the meaning of the word ‘negative’ describes itself.

So, be careful when it comes to showing your feelings or letting it take over your body. You don’t know how it could stir up things around you, your own life and other beings’ lives.

Be sound, be thoughtful!


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