Color Me Run 2016: Volunteer or Be A Security Guard?

This is the second time I’ve joined Color Me Run as a volunteer. So I think I’m gonna leave some words since I haven’t written anything about it after the event last year.

Here is how I ended up (again) joining the event…

As a perk of being a former volunteer of Color Me Run 2015, I immediately got into the volunteer team for the event this year, without signing up via an online application. I was even able to choose the desired position.

So, I was arranged to the Entrance team, so-called Check-in team, so-called Security team, despite the fact that I wanted to be at the Medical Support booth. Mhmm, admittedly, I felt quite pity, knowing that the task would be much harder.

“Meh, screw it! How hard it could be?! All I care is I will be super clean at the end of the day and enjoy the free concert!”

That is exactly what I was thinking after having heard the bad news. You know, at least I won’t have to work at the same position like last year, which was at Yellow team.


I was wrong! The weather was terribly annoying. It was super hot and sunny. The atmosphere was extremely crowded and suffocating. I, as a volunteer of the Entrance team, had to stand for hours under the burning sun, check participants’ bags and if they had their wristbands, BIBs and t-shirts. Yes, pretty much like a security guard.


There were umbrellas, but didn’t help much. I still got sun burnt!

And I kept telling myself: “Wait for it, Anh! That’s the price you need to pay for the concert afterward!”

“And hey, you are contemplating the beauties of human beings. Look at those handsome guys passing by…”

Eventually, there was no concert for me since it suddenly rained cats and dogs. Then as soon as the rain seemed that it would stop for a while, I rushed home to attend my father’s birthday party on time. I had no idea that they would continue the event, until the next morning, when I pumped into videos, pictures from last night concert on Facebook . *sad face*

Therefore, to me, the day was so worthless. I got nothing from it exept for this picture in which I looked like I have no eyes or eyebrows…


Pale, no eyes and no eye brows!

Yayyyyy Color Me Run sucks!

#colormerun2016 #colormerun #imagina



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