Letting this semester “fall” – Buông!

The thing is: I have so many things on my mind right now and they keep interfering my studying, my pure brain which should be used for Grammar, English, Literature and whatsoever associated with studying ONLY! (Poor little brain!)

This doesn’t happen very often. In other words, it RARELY happens since I find myself a thoughtless person. I don’t think much about anything, especially life. I’m easy-going, free and I get satisfied easily.

So, this semester is something I would call “an exception”. Numerous pieces of stuff are hanging on my shoulders, but not negatively. Those are actually my plans, my concerns about the future.

Recently I have asked myself tons of questions which I can’t answer it myself. I take out the time I should be using to cram for exams, to think about it. Then I ended up asking Google (sometimes Youtube). Look how stupid I am.

The good thing is what is going on in my mind makes me feel less stressful and almost care-free about the exams. I do know that if this continues, I’ll get into trouble with my low GPA. Still, I don’t care much. What happens will happen. Therefore, I’m going to let nature take its course.

Screw all the exams, screw my GPA, I have other fascinating things to think about.



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