Few words after the first big trip

2:40 AM, Sept 2, 2016

One month was over and now I am back for my family, school, and my monotonous life. But guess what? I ain’t back to the same old me.

I am not talking about how mature I am growing out to be or how confident I am after this trip (’cause I am not, obviously). What I want to say is the spaces in my heart and my mind which were taken by the friends, the memories I’ve had after that one month. In other words, my soul has been much more fulfilled.

Perhaps, one month seems too short to deeply feel anything. But to me, it was, somehow, enough for different people from different walks of life to get closer, much much closer than we thought actually. Moreover, those memories we shared together have grown to be an important part of us. This “extra part” is the difference I am talking about.

Time flies, but memories stay…

No one will understand how hard I was trying to hold my tears when saying good bye. Because deep down I know that if I start to cry, it won’t stop.  And at the moment, when I am sitting here writing this, the tears just keep pouring down my face as I am pathetically sniffling.

leaves at SH

At Stanton Home

I really miss you guys! Hopefully, we could meet again in the future! You guys is now officially one of the motivations for me to work hard, earn myself a trip around the globe to get to your places.


Heart-warming moment!

And as time flies like it always does, please don’t forget me…


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