Another plan on the go

It’s not that I’m studying German and about to study Masters in Germany (though this is quite a surprise to some people who haven’t acknowledged it). The plan I’m about to reveal is completely a different thing, which has nothing to do with my study, my career, but simply my enjoyment of life.

Let’s go back to my trip to America which I truly enjoyed to every single moment. That was my first time travel aboard and first time travel alone. The excitement, the nervousness and a little of fear pushed me back a bit, yet made the whole trip so incredible. I felt as if  I was a child with a curious mind, discovering the beauty of life. It was not until that trip did I realize how much I loved traveling.

Therefore, I can’t wait long for another trip to come. I have to do something about it. I have to take action immediately. That’s why I’m writing this to inform ones who care that: I AM GOING TO THAILAND NEXT SUMMER!

Actually, this is not an informing note. It’s a declaration of my determination, as a start for the whole plan.

From now on, every single month, I will extract 500,ooo Dongs from my very limited salary which I earn while working as a private tutor and put it in the fund called “SAVINGS FOR THAI DREAM” (it sounds lame, I know). I have about 9 months until next summer and I need at least 5 million Dongs in total in order to make the trip happen. So besides the 500,ooo Dong part, I will also seek for other jobs to get paid as much as possible. The more, the merrier!

So, please pray for me and my fund. If you can donate some, it would be even more fantastic! Yet, I want this Thai dream to be my self-earned trip but at the end it doesn’t matter, me being at Thailand is already a wonderful thing.


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